50s Finery

I love 50s heels. Its hard to find them locally in high quality, but on etsy there is an abundance of gorgeous pumps, sandals, boots and sparkling evening goodies...which I decided to feature in this blog featurette.
We'll start with a familiar seller fabgabs, these stacked wood mules are amazing, rhinestones, gold spike..what more could you want for a day to evening shoe.
These are more 40s than 50s but the color is amazing. These would look so cute with a vintage outfit or with a modern one! From BettieBeGoodVintage
Iconic 50s puff ball mules! These are in shimmering gold. For cocktail parties or for the bedroom...these will be a hit! SexKittenVintage
Love love love the color of these, the gold details are fantastic. They remind me of a 50s summer! Brought to you by thespectrum
How I wish these were my size. I love the insoles on these, designed to keep on your feet. Gorgeous 50s blue with silver. Thank you goldenafternoon for sharing these with us
And the holy grail of all vintage shoes...I'm totally floored by these. Mosaic abalone shell mules. Also have that great "spring-o-lator" sole in them. These look like a regular shoe from the front...but watch out! These are killer! Amazing find from Planetclairevintage


COCAMIA said...

So pretty! Love it!!

Ms. B @ Millie Deel said...

Gorgeous collection! I could stare at shoes from the 40s and 50s all day everyday and never get tired of them! Thanks for putting this together!!

Karen @ Bobbins And Bombshells said...

I love them all!