Sailing Away...

I love nautical styles. 13 button pants, sailor collars, anchors, ships wheels, red, navy and white. Sailor hats (I need to get one of those) I remember when I was a youngin my mom had 2 sailor hats one in white and one in blue I used to wear them all the time with her long gold chains (it was the 80s you know) I have fond memories of all things nautical. My husband's father was in the navy when he was born so there are all these great pictures of him in uniform that I'm hoping to get copies of, they're too cute. I have a large ships wheel mirror in my livingroom as well as ship figurines, anchors and nautical colors. Nautical is close to my heart. Here are some of the DROP DEAD sailor inspired pieces I found on Etsy.
Very sweet classic red and navy sailor collar dress with bow. (probably child's size) from secretlake
Just listed this adorable pull-over sailor blouse. It would already be mine if it were my size :'( I hope one of you snatches its adorable find up. From my buddy's shop exquisitebones
Love this little jacket for the kiddies. If I had one I would buy it for them...but that is a ways off. Maybe your little darling would love to frolic in this amazing little coat from tinyvintagewardrobe

If you're looking for dressed up sailor style this the piece for you. Love the silvery stripes and the little bow. Another I would add to my collection if I were a skinny minnie. Congrats traven7 on the amazing find.OK I want this soooo bad. Its huge and bold and an anchor..I'm in love with it..but its out of my price range ChezVous is the keeper of this amazing piece.
This is a great every day dress. I like the simplicity of it. I would wear this dress. From 13bees

I'm not the biggest fan of jumpsuits but this one is too cute! Exaggerated sailor bow, classic wide leg trousers and a gingham blouse. Sweet little find from Zwzzy
This dress is GORGEOUS its got that classic sailor style in the classic sailor color sweet little details. You can tell this piece is well made. I'd love to add it to my collection if I could get my hips to shrink...hahaha. Thanks to Jewels4pandas for sharing


Twila Jean said...

awe! thanks so much for including me!

Vivian V. Dimples said...

I am a huge nautical fan also! I have a long sleeve shift, a 1995 sailors uniform shirt, a mini dress and a romper all with adorable sailor collars! I used to have a skirt with anchors at the knees but I wore it to death. I'd love to see your collect!