In honor of Twila Jean

I LOVE VINTAGE FUR AND I WEAR IT PROUDLY! I really feel that vintage furs should not be wasted by rotting in a garbage bin somewhere. They should be worn and loved. If you don't appreciate and love a vintage fur its like saying that that animal's whole life was wasted because that animal was bread to be a fur. Don't you feel bad for not loving those gorgeous furs?! Well you should!
Mink and Cashmere cardigan
Dyed squirrel cape
Mink stolle
Silver Mink and Wool Boucle Jacet
50s suit jacket with fur collar
70s bomber with fox tail collar

Here is a beautiful picture of Twila Jean in her GRANDMOTHER'S fur collar cardigan. Its gorgeous and it looks amazing on her. Its truly a piece to be treasured, NOT ridiculed.


Twila Jean said...

you are so kind. <3

Vivian V. Dimples said...

I too love vintage fur and have quite a few pieces. I love to wear them but I find it hard to sometimes. I am to afraid of meeting someone who is aggressive in their opinion and throughs red paint on me.

Bombshell Bettie said...

well I figure if they do i'll have to buy about 10 more vintage furs to make up for it...hahahaha