there is something different about Etsy...

any of my friends who started selling (or who also sell) on ebay know that as years have passed buyers have become demanding and hurtful. Expecting you to bow to their every whim as they get lazier and no longer read the description it took you 20 mins to word "just right", avoiding the measurements you checked and re-checked so that you didn't get another complaint by some ungreatful buyer who didn't read the modern size suggestion. Oh sorry, I'm sounding quite bitter aren't I? -Well let me just say selling on Etsy is like doing a 180! Buyers and Sellers want to communicate! Sellers can communicate with other sellers easily, find out which items are popular with the "heart" system as well as find sellers and items they like easily through favorites. Finding something specific can be a bit of a challenge if you don't like going through pages and pages of items, or if you're too specific when searching. But for me, looking is half the fun. ;) Oh and did I mention the PRICE? You can still go through paypal which is great for me because I have a card linked to that account so when you buy something I can buy something...hahaha. But listings are just .20 for 4 months! AWESOME! Such a good deal. Oh and ANYONE can be featured on the front page, you don't have to PAY to get your items there!

I've had many lengthy convos with other sellers about our passion for vintage clothing. I'm talking TRUE vintage - not the altered/shortened/bleached stuff you find on ebay for the pre-teens; but gorgeous 40s rayon day dresses, stunning sequin 50s cocktail dresses. Layers and layers of tulle, you can find just about anything on Etsy and I can guarantee personally you will have a 100% better experience with an Etsy seller than you ever would with an ebay seller. Just make sure to watch feedback! (like ebay) and try to communicate with the buyer before purchasing. And PLEASE send your seller an appreciation photo! We love getting them ;)
So if you haven't bought something from Etsy, please give it a try! You'll be glad you did.

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