Hello, My name is Bettie...and I'm an addict

My latest addiction? Vintage glasses (as you can tell from my last post) I've been buying them up like crazy. The longer I look at vintage glasses the more I want to buy them. Sun glasses, horn rim, cat eye, rhinestones, aluminum, plastic, bakelite, wire...*sigh* oh the delight of finding so many gorgeous pairs. I'm surprised to find that there is such a large selection of vintage glasses on etsy. Here are some of my favorites...I will probably purchase some of these in the future...LOL.

Oh yes, these are so lovely, I love the details on the sides, classic cat eyes from Vintagegoods2
I'm really considering these. Although they're not the cat eye like I prefer..the color blows me away and they come with the original case. I have about 3 sweaters these would match...sooo tempting! VintageFrosting adding to my ever growing obsession.
I love these pretty pink and silver plastic sunnies. From one of my fav (newly discovered) sellers and blogger ArtDecoDame
Super cute, bold red horn rim/cat eye sunnies. Love the lipstick color of these beauties from rubyfirecracker
These are pretty beat up but I love the shape of them, little rhinestones, well priced. I would buy them! A cute find from carmenandginger
OK WOW. These glasses are CRAZY rainbow rhinestones, huge arcs I'm in love with these...not exactly an every day look...but someone give me an excuse to wear these beauties! PLEASE. Thanks LegacyVintage for sharing them.
This seller is very well known on etsy for their eye-wear. I love these rhinestone ones. Their glasses aren't as well priced but the quality is top notch. From Vintage50'sEyewear
I LOVE these! I love the Fleur d' lis on the corners the amazing wing design to the glasses and then the cherry on top the killer rainbow stripes. WOW-WOW-WOW-WOW-WOW another find from Vintage50'sEyewear

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