If this is Sarong I don't want to be right!

I love sarong dresses, nothing reminds me more of being away from it all on a vacation to somewhere warm *sigh* doesn't that sound nice right about now? Of course Shaheen is best known for his Hawaiian print dresses and Asian inspired dresses. I've only had 2 of his dresses for sale. One was a full skirt sundress in green with gold oriental symbols all over and the other was a tunic dress with side slits that go up to the hips (wish i still had pictures of these)..but alas I have never been able to snag the sarong dress. I've never even had one in my inventory. I'm hoping this summer I will be able to find one..if not I'll just have to buy one of these...oh darn ;)

Bring on the swoons ladies, large print inverted halter bust, classic Shaheen. I especially love the buckle on the hip. This beautiful find is from PlanetClaireVintage
Not your typical sarong dress. I love the pretty pink print. New take on a classic shape. This would be the kind of sarong dress I would wear on my vacation. An amazing find from CalendarGirlVintage
This red on red sarong dress is gorgeous! So pin up its almost painful! Another "gotta have" for me...from ValeriesVintage
Another unique print from shaheen, this one is a hawaiian village with hula girls and flowers. A print you could stare at for hours. I'm a big fan of the lines of this one too. Thanks to PlanetClaireVintage again for another beautiful find.
LOVE! The color is gorgeous, its a very understated sarong but that print in that color WOWIE. I gotta say I would prefer a little more going on with the neckline..but I'm not complaining. This one is from kitchcat
This one looks like a bathingsuit with a sarong over it but its a dress. The pattern is perfect for the sun and sand. Wishing this one was my size. From Jumblelaya
This is the only strapless shaheen in the collection. Love the wrap across the bust. So sexy, great find from TripleGemini
A more formal shaheen dress with bird of paradise print. Great for a luau! This one is another find from CalenderGirlVintage
Last find another from PlanetClaireVintage - this one is crazy sexy. Great color another evening style dress, strapless with shoulder train. Yes! Are you wishing it was summer time as much as I am right now?

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