Cling - Clang

I love vintage glassware, plates, cups, pitchers, carafes, serving plates. Glamorous or kitsch, practical or pretty. I love em all! Here are some pics of a few pieces in my collection.

A pitcher with 8 glasses, I love the gold and black. Great find from a local antique store. :) I wish I entertained more so I could use this set.
My favorite 80's coffee cup. This thing has had the handle break off multiple times as well as a chip out of the front, but its still kicking and I'll use it until it falls apart...to the point where I can't use it..hehehe
I got these for my hubs, 70s viking horn black glass, glasses.
My 50's coffee mugs, kind of Polynesian inspired.
My pyrex coffee carafe with orig tags. :)
My late 40's pyrex wood bead carafe with awesome O handle.
My punch bowl...don't have any cups for it...but it has the stand :)
Here is my fruit plate. Its got this amazing atomic fruit print all over it. I'm going to use it as the inspiration for my kitchen I'm going to hand paint some of the designs one the cupboards. I (hope) it will turn out cute.
Its hanging up on my kitchen wall right now. design by Georges Briard


50sme said...

Im going to be SICK if I dont get that absolutely killer coffee carafe and stand and the punch bowl and stand and the damned pitcher and cups and the fruit plate! I HAVE to have them. God, theyre perfect. I too collect TONS of kitchen stuff, dishes, carafes, etc. of course all 50's and eames era. I especially love eames coffee carafes and have one thing missing from my own collection right now...THAT ONE YOU HAVE! great blog.

Bombshell Bettie said...

hahaha oh goodness! I found them at a thrift store last summer. I also have a crystal serving dish and plate set in the original box..i think its in storage somewhere. You never know what you're going to find. You're probably going to want to kick me but I think I got that carafe with stand for $3