HOODWINKED - an Etsy story

I'm fairly new to etsy, only been a member since september. In that time I've fallen in love with the atmostphere, friendly sellers and amazing variety of vintage goods. But there are some sellers who are just looking to make a buck and will HOODWINK anyone to do it. I've had convos will this seller several times asking about these VINTAGE glasses, saying how excited I was to find some VINTAGE glasses with zebra print. Well I got them...and they were most definatly not vintage. Cheap plastic frames with plastic lenses made in Taiwan. Well I contacted the seller again and said I would be returning them...but I also filed a claim with paypal to make sure that I would get a refund from them since I do not trust this seller now that they hoodwinked me out of $42 for $2 costume glasses that are used. Do you think I was out of line. He said "we don't do that on etsy"..well how should I know? I don't sell fraudulent vintage.


art*deco*dame said...

I love etsy but yeah there usa growing number of garbage eba sellers making their way to etsy now as the community grows it really sucks and DO a pay pal claim and report the seller to etsy!

Bombshell Bettie said...

how do I report them? I've never done that before.