re-invent your wardrobe in black and red

There are two colors that EVERYONE looks good in...everyone! Black and Red (and yes I know black isn't a color :P) So taking that common knowledge I've invented a whole new wardrobe in those colors alone...you may not think it, but you'd have so much variety! I'd love to have any/all of these pieces. Wouldn't you?
Well lets start with the must-haves. Classic Day to Evening dress! This one from Solanah is perfect!
Dress for layering - great with tights, cardigans, coats, vests, boots, arm warmers. This 40s rayon dress is great for that with its sweet little collar. This one is from thegreedyseagull
Separates! This "key to my heart" outfit is great together or separate. Pair the top with black pencil skirt or the skirt with a black cardigan. Love this one - wish it was my size. Brought to you by craftycrowvintage
The quintessential cocktail dress, try this ruched one with roses from millstreetvintage, love their stuff!
You can't have a complete wardrobe without a killer statement skirt?! Love love love this one from WillowCreekSparrow

And of course you need a pin-up sweater...what wardrobe is complete without it?! From a beloved seller, I bought my wedding dress as well as a BLACK and RED cherry embroidered dress from her. Its TheVintageVortex
And who doesn't need a pair of flats? I love these, they would work with any of the items seen here! From mysweetiepiepie
My iconic 50s CHERRY PRINT dress with black and white cherries all over - not exactly an essential for your wardrobe...but defiantly on my wish list! Love this seller - fabgabs
Yes, I remember its not always nice enough to wear just a dress or sweater so here is a great red and black wool trench. This classic 60s jacket will NEVER go out of style! So cute from OpheliaVintage
Well that just about covers everything, You'd need to add some boots, tights and black and red solids and several pairs of jeans and slacks as well, but this is a pretty - and well rounded wardrobe. So pick a piece and start reinventing!!!
xxoo Bettie

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