Emerald Wedding - Cocktail Time!

Its been a while since I did my last wedding collection. They're so much fun, this one started out as a bohemian, then switched to "pear" theme and is now emerald (color) themed. Some gorgeous dark green pieces in here. If the wedding dress doesn't knock you off your feet then you better get your eyes checked!
his headpiece is not vintage but its gorgeous and I think for this over the top cocktail wedding, this simple headpiece would be smarter than a full veil. You can have one too from portobello
Amazing emerald rhinestone earrings...wow! They're post earrings huge and over the top! Marilyn is calling! weebeader is the shop you can get this amazing set in.
This dress....I mean...come on! The price is EXCELLENT for a dress in this condition with this kind of detail. Dripping with silver sequins and beads, this amazing cocktail dress was the inspiration behind this bling-tastic cocktail wedding...and how could it not be? RedHouseVintages is the place where you can find this masterpiece :)
Bridal sprin-o-lators Swirls of vines (like dress) and pear shaped rhinestones (like earrings) i thought a clear shoe would be the perfect touch for the dress. Snag them up from VintageOrphans
This was my idea for the brides' maids. A simple cocktail shape with a little bit of bling..probably not in this color. I was hoping for a silver or brocade fabric. You can find this cute little dress in roadtripjournal

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