Yesterday's Goodies

This week yielded many pretty things for the shop...take a look...
Lorrie Deb, "Orchard Enchantress" Dress
70s chiffon "Fields at Sunrise" Dress
Nubby 80s "Ice Block" sweater
Ribbon and Lace "Frosted Meadow" jacket
60s "Creme Brulee" swing jacket
Little girl's "Carriage Ride" princess jacket
Child's "Painted Canyon Plaid" lightweight wool cape
70s FoxRun "Huntress" blazer with woven leather buttons
a pretty needlepoint clutch "Wildflowers in your Hand"
A small "Box of Chocolates" corde bag. I think it would look so cool with some vintage chain.
Lovely "Diamond of Pearls" brooch
Really unique "Snow Covered Branches" necklace
"Snow Ball" earrings...these are sooo gorgeous!
"Peggy Sue" 60s multi strand bubble gum pink necklace
breath-taking deep emerald glass screw-back "Evergreen Tree" Earrings
"Love Letters" quill clip sweater guard.
"Lumps of Coal: For the Naughty Bombshell" earrings
"Every Angle" black faceted dangle post earrings
"Mother Nature's" multi strand necklace with leaves and planet earth colors. That beautiful little mermaid post card was a sweet note from the proprietress of Iron Orchid Vintage..she knew I was having a rough week and she sent me that wonderful card as a "pick me up" it certainly worked.
And lastly these beautiful "Pencil Lead" slate gray ankle boots (sz 8)
Most of these items should show up this weekend. The dresses will probably wait until spring, unless requested. :)


Mrs Cleaver said...

Oh i really like the blazer & the pearl brooch.You have some fab finds there,the sweater guard & "lumps of coal" earrings are gorgeous too.

Zohar said...

that childs cape is so lovely!

P U R P L E - D E E R said...

That plaid cape is too amazing!

Sara said...

Awww that princess jacket is so cute!!

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iron orchid vintage said...

The little cape and princess coat are wonderful!