Its beginning to look a lot like...

...the holidays around here. Sunday we celebrated Christmas with my mom...yes, I know its a week early but she is going to be out of town for christmas and I wanted to see her before she left. I wore my signature "Christmas" cardigan. Its a jantzen cardigan..not sure of the era...60s would be my guess. Its red, green and gray. I've had it for about 4 years now I think. I found it locally and couldn't give it up. I bring it out every holiday..I even wore it for the hubs and I's first christmas cards.awwwww. I can't wait to get THAT shape back.
right at this moment the hubs walked in and said "Are you taking blog photos?"...he totally caught me. :D
It was a festive outfit if I do say so myself. I did end up changing into my snow boots because we FINALLY got more snow after 2 weeks of 40 degree weather that melted all our gorgeous snow from Thanksgiving.

Cardigan: Thrifted
Brooches : Red: Denise Brain on Etsy, Star: Giveaway Winnings from JeanJeanVintage on the Purple Deer Blog
Jeans: Hydraulic, from Macy's (of course)
Shoes: Payless
I can not wait to wear my Christmas dress this year. I'll probably be sporting this cardi over it and it should still look good-ish. Ha-ha.


Anonymous said...

i hate getting caught taking blog photos!! i started only taking them when my husband is at work :) love your festive accessories!

denisebrain said...

Great outfit...and I'm glad to see you're enjoying your red brooch! :)

Amanda said...

Super cute!