Lazy Sunday Outfit

Sundays are always casual days around here. Today I wanted something easy, warm and cute so I went with jeans and a cashmere sweater that my friend from seattle gave me last time we went to visit. It was summer and too hot for sweaters then but I think its going to become one of my winter staples.Not-so interesting fact: I've only ever had 2 cashmere sweaters and they've both been gray. Since I am usually wearing a vintage cardigan today was weird for me...I hardly ever wear just 1 layer...most of the time I have 2-5 layers on before my jacket. I figure the more fabric between me and the world the better. Today my makeup turned out perfect the first time. Classic cat eye with deep red lip stain that has a little bit of gold in it so its festive for the season :)). The jeans are hydraulic of course, I think they're the only brand I have now...I will be devastated if they stop selling them...let me tell you. The owl is a b-day gift from my mommy and goes with the sweater perfectly!

Sweater: gift from a friend (Gap)
Necklace: gift from my mommy (park lane)
Jeans: Hydraulic from Macy's
Shoes: vintage 9 west leather flats- ebay (i've got them in pink and blue and I have seen them in white and green...I want them in all colors!) I forgot to mention in my last outfit post but the green pumps I'm wearing are also 9 west. I love 9 west vintage! Great quality leather in amazing colors!


Sue said...

LOVE the owl necklace! I have one that was my mom's (I remember her wearing it!) plus a second from a stash I bought on eBay. Fun!!

sbot said...

Love the owl necklace. Ill be posting several extremely awesome owl necklaces soon on my blog...http://www.baublesandbangles.blogspot.com
Check it out : )

Jenn said...

digging those flats, girl! you look adorable:)