Top 10 of 2010

Its almost the end of the year and I've had some amazing items come through my shop this year..I'm going to go ahead and count down my PERSONAL top 10 sales of 2010

10. Brown Wool Sailor Dress
9. Rainbow "Stitched" Wool Dress
8. 40s Sailor Dress (#1 regret of 2010, my size...shouldn't have sold)
7. 40s Cole of California Plaid Bathing Suit with Skirt
6. Early 50s pink rayon dress with rope and rhinestone neck
5. V back Tiki Hut Print Dress
4. Sailor's Sweetheart Double Breasted Blazer
3. 40s Combed Wool Bolero with Puff Sleeves and Embroidery
2. 40s/50s Sailorette Swimsuit
1. 50s/60s Polka Dot Cocktail Dress

And now for the...
Honorable Mentions:
Rosette Sweater
Poodle Cardigan
Star Romper
50s Ruffle Dress (sold on Ebay)
Watercolor Cocktail w Built in Blue Tulle (sold on Ebay)
Watercolor Cocktail Dress (sold on Ebay)
Lorrie Deb Juniors Emerald Party Dress
Amazing Glitter Cat Eyes (sold on Ebay)
Sailor Stripe Shirtwaist


Sadie Rose said...

drool drool drool!!! and you had to remind me about that sailorette swimsuit. oy.

Miss Emmi said...

You have had some seriously amazing items for sale this year! Can't wait to see what you have for offer in 2011!

Zohar said...

So many beautiful items - I htink my favorite must be the 50s ruffled dress - amazing! Happy new year (soon enough) dear :)

Alicia said...

So proud to own two of these! I wore the combed wool sweater for Christmas Eve. <3

That rainbow stitched wool dress was amazing (I don't think I knew about your shop yet), and if that poodle sweater was an adult size it so would have been mine.

My mom LOVED the mink poodle pin, by the way!

Merry Christmas!