One Exhausting Christmas

one exhausted kitty
As you know yesterday was christmas and my hubs had to work. Then when he got home we packed up the car with I don't even know how many presents, we really went all out this year and headed over to Idaho to spend christmas with his family. When we got there we scrambled to get all the presents under the tree before the rest of the family showed up. Once everyone got there it was crazy, tons of presents, tons of pictures, some tears and lots of laughs :) I finally got to give the new family all the gifts I had bought them (like this print, custom ornaments from this shop: cake, custom teddy bear and a custom "nana's little peanut" ornament for my MIL (the seller liked it so much she put it in her shop), these wall hangings, this amazing blanket, which they loved and these custom bibs) Seriously...all the custom things I bought were from AMAZING sellers. So if you're looking for great custom baby stuff, I would check out the shops I listed, easy to work with and really really friendly. I WILL be buying a bunting print again for the next baby in the family..I LOVE them!
Well anyway...then we had to get ready for a potluck style dinner with my sister in law's family...well we were expecting just her family...but it turned out all the neighbors were there too and I an not exactly comfortable in that kind of situation. I totally lost my appetite from the stress of having so many people around so we escaped downstairs where I got to hold my chubby little niece while she napped and then once everyone cleared out we went back upstairs for some pie..well I had a couple bites but I couldn't really eat anything because of the sleepy baby...totally worth it. Shortly after we went back to the mother in law's place where my husband napped and I watched TV..all together a pretty exhausting christmas. But we all decided next year christmas will be at our house. When we got home the hubs and I watched Christmas Vacation and both fell asleep pretty early...we were both pooped.
My outfit for christmas was cute though...I finally got to wear my Cars dress from MissFarfalla. I paired it with my brooch from RaleighVintage and my plaid flats from this post, a yellow belt (my hubs picked out) and my skin-tone fishnets. Today I think I'll hit up an after christmas sale for some tights today so I can wear my dresses more.

My hubs and I exchanged mostly nerdy gifts. Star wars related of course. I got him star wars and mario shirts as well as this SHWEET Left 4 Dead mobile from Salty and Sweet on etsy. Its soo cool. I want to get the star wars one next. My hubs got me star wars jammie pants, an R2-D2 collector plate from '87 and a cute little R2 to put on my desk at work that makes noises :) I ♡ me some Star Wars! My niece is getting so big now. I can't believe she is already over a month old. Time flies don't cha know. Here she is all packed up and ready to head home, it had been a long day for her too. She caught a cold from her daddy. Poor little thing.
I hope you all had a great holiday.
I almost forgot to mention I'm having a 35% off sale today until midnight so get your after xmas deals while you still can ;)


Miss Dollie DeVille said...

Merry Christmas!!! Beautiful post. BTW, I love you facebook link to the left with the blonde, can I steal that??? he he he

Vintage Seen said...

wowsie lady what a packed day, love that print on your dress, so adorable!

Mrs Amber Apple said...

You look beautiful! I hope you had a Merry Christmas!! I'm so excited about your sale!! I will pass it along!