Today's Treasures

Lots of stuff today, I kinda went crazy with the inventory this week since I had such an awesome lot of sales from Cyber Monday, thanks to everyone who made a purchase (or two). I bought a bunch of stuff today..I usually sort through my stuff before I purchase just to make sure I'm getting the highest quality vintage for you...sometimes I'm bummed I have to leave stuff behind but I'm not sure if there is a market for it..and you know...blah blah blah...excuses really. This week I looked through everything and didn't put a single thing back...too many pretties, I didn't want to let go of them. So here they are, most of them should be in the shop this week, a few have to go to the cleaners first.
amazing 50s new look coat with rhinestone buttons and pockets...oh yes! Love! Will need to go to the cleaner first, it has a gorgeous shark skin lining too!
cashmere swing jacket with great arm detail (of course i forgot to snap a pic)
larger size 60s pea coat with plaid scarf and belt
70s olive trench with lovely details, feels very 1940s

soft wool scarf
Love this knit cape, super super soft!
indians minus the cowboys skirt
I adore this print!
Plaid pleated knee skirt. Perfect for layering and boots!
hand made plaid taffeta skirt
snowflakes and hearts sweater
classic :)
larger size red cocktail dress with rhinestone details
how purdy
amazing teal metallic party dress with built in crinnie, nipped waist..
and tie in the back
pink knit dress, how cozy
childs size!!!! 50s swing coat
another child's houndstooth jacket 70s, boys or girls
sweetest little quail figurine...love it!
needlepoint picture in frame
they are Siamese if you please
male and female kitty figurines in great condition!
hand painted ballerina prints, mid-century
so beautiful!
hand painted on particle board
cranberry earrings and an orange flower brooch
and before I put my camera away I thought I would snap this picture of a single leaf left of the tree outside.....its gone now...


Miss Emmi said...

Those coats are amazing, can't wait to see them in the shop! And the kitties are adorable too.

P U R P L E - D E E R said...

That pea coat...THAT PEA COAT!

Aelwyn said...

LOVE the coats!

Carrie at In the Hammock Blog said...

the navy peacoat is gorgeous!!