Shop Sisters

Hey darlins. I was searching through my wonderful sponsor De La Belle Vintage's shop and found a twin to a dress in my shop! How funny is that! I must say her pictures do it much more justice than mine. I love the slit up the front. The rushing all over is brilliant...the playful sheer polka dots. Just thought I should share that with you.....I also found a similar dress from Shrinkle...hers has a full skirt...so its not a twin with delabelle's and myself...so it must be a sister dress ;)
De La Belle Vintage dress & Bombshell Bettie's Vintage Dress

De La Belle Vintage Dress

Shrinkle Dress

Just thought I would share that with you! Make sure to check out all the gorgeous pieces in the De La Belle Shop....some really vivid blues I'm drooling over currently ;)


Huzzah! Vintage said...

that's bananas!

De La Belle said...

Aww, this is so sweet! I love sharing twin dresses with you ♥

Yuri said...

Thanks for introducing me to De La Belle Vintage! I just added four items to my favourites list - after consultation with my bank account, hopefully they will be making their way into my shopping basket ;)