A Non-Dress Outfit Post

Although, obviously I wear an "outfit" everyday. I don't usually feel that my outfits are blog post worthy unless I'm wearing a dress. But you can probalby tell by the lack of outfit posts that I hardly wear dresses. They're very cute...but not every-day practical for a curvy lady like me...friction is a bitch..if you know what I mean and unless I'm up to wearing spanx or tights I'm not going to wear a dress. 95% of the time I'm wearing jeans. I love jeans...they're the curvy girl's best friend...and since they started having elastic in them......HALLELUJAH! That 1% of elastic makes SOOOO much difference...don't do any more than 4% or they become too "teen-tight" not a good look if you're over 22ish.
Also....and I'm sure my style conscious readers already know this...but just in case this is your first time reading my blog I'll say it again...
>>just because you can get them on DOES NOT MEAN THEY FIT<<
...that is how muffin top happens! :))
Anyway...on to the outfit.
Today I'm wearing my favorite red holiday cardigan with a paisley blouse, my favorite jeans, a new (thrifted) belt and the very best pair of 80s emerald pumps. I don't usually get all "gussied up" but I'm making an effort to look more presentable...on the weekends anyway. Most of the time I don't even wear makeup. It feels good to look nice..even if its just once or twice a week.

Cardigan: Thrifted
Blouse: borrowed from my shop
Brooch: Recent Purchase from DeniseBrain
Belt: Thrifted
Jeans: Hydraulic (goddess fit) from Macy's
Shoes: Mill Street Vintage


Shallow Mallow said...

Your blouse is devine :) Love the brooch you've paired it with.

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

ugh! i'm with you on the too tight/muffin top issue. low rise jeans should be outlawed! a few years ago i had an (overdue) epiphany and bought some mid rise jeans and everyone kept asking me if i lost weight!! nope, just learned how to dress myself!

Miss Amethyst said...

i think your outfit is too cute!! (the shoes are sooo adorable!!)
I just posted my outfit with the purse I won from you!! Hope you like it!! :)

Mrs Cleaver said...

You look so sweet!Red is gorgeous on you.Love the brooch:) I'm a jeans girl myself,i love dresses too but pants & jeans are so much more practical & yes i totally get the friction thing:D