White New Year

So much for a white christmas...it was actually quite warm out and most of the snow was leftovers and its been in the 40s since then...but yesterday we got hit with almost 2 feet of snow and THIS is what I got to wake up to this morning.
View from my front room window:
View From The Porch:

(those paw prints are where we threw our kitty in the snow last night...adorable!)
View Down the Street:
View of my "yard" and the neighbor's bushes

The sky is so BLUE today and the snow is so bright white and pure...just how I like snow to be, like someone dusted the ground with powdered sugar. Its really a lovely thing to wake up to and it looks like I'll have a white new year because its going to be in the teens all week so this snow won't be melting any time soon.


Capricioustraveler said...

I love snow covered trees! So beautiful.

ina said...

Beautiful, and you've got so much light, too, compared to us in the Nordic countries (we got snow allright, but it's dark as hell)...