Treasure Hunt Thursday

Today I went to a part of town I rarely go to in search of vintage goodies. I went to the antique mall in hillyard. I found some amazing shops and some wonderfully friendly people down there. And possibly a pink refrigerator and stove set from 1960...we're still deciding. But while we were out we also found some stuff for the stores.
A linen clutch with rose clasp in near perfect condition. It has original eyeglasses case too..beautiful!

case is angled to fit "cat eye" style glasses. Sorry these glasses are from my personal collection, not for sale..
Daisy print banana suit with double breasted jacket and..
shift style sun dress
90s brightly patterned romper
vintage ties! Giovanni, mid century cotton, novelty print pipe
new look straw hat with velvet bow..really beautiful
Dusty rose taffeta cocktail dress
with built in tulle slip.
Thats all for this trip, what a haul!

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art*deco*dame said...

omg you really scored some great finds!