Building a Mid Century Wardrobe

A lot goes into picking pieces for your wardrobe, functionality, wearability, style (of course) cut, color, shape, accessories. I've applied these principles and picked out pieces I think are essential to a vintage wardrobe.#1 most important part of a vintage wardrobe...the undergarments. The perfect bullet bra and girdle. You can wear vintage without it..but if you want an authentic vintage look, you're going to need these!
An often overlooked piece of a vintage wardrobe, the swimwear. A classic one piece, play suit are great for trips to the beach.
yes I know these are not mid century but I really love 70s sandals. These butterscotch t-straps with stacked wood heel are perfect for slacks, skirts, dresses and even shorts!
Starting with a classic, the shirtwaist. This one has beautiful embroidery. Details are always appreciated with iconic shapes.
The sheath shirtwaist in plaid. An essential, this "throw on and go" dress is great for cooking, shopping, gardening, running to the store, playing with the kids. Simple lines and a simple pattern with unexpected details (like double buttons) are suggested.
The sailor blouse, you have to have one..there is no real reason...but you need it!
Dungarees, the denim of the era these classic high waisted jeans are a must-have for rockabilly styles, running around with the kiddies or gardening like Twila Jean.
Also needed for casual days are a pair of classic "keds". Made of canvas with a flat sole, these are perfect every day shoes!
Polka dot sun dress...need I say more?
A killer swing coat. I love a good swing coat, fur trim, oversized buttons..oh yeah! I love the cheery yellow of this one! Fitted "princess" style jackets are wonderful too.

Cherries, bakelite, brooch...your nailing 3 essential pieces in one with this!
A dress you love..not matter how ugly everyone else thinks it is. I pride myself on having the ugliest dresses you've ever seen. I love them and I wear them with confidence and you know what I hear "I didn't think I would like that dress, but it looks great on you" if you love it..they will too!
The knit-dress. Classic wiggle shape, this one has a pretty little belt, half sleeves and mock turtle neck. The soft coral color is great for early spring and late summer (when you'll need the knit)
A bold print for fall. These soft jewel tones will be perfect for fall weather, I love patterns in the fall because they look great with tights and boots.
Thinking of summer, espadrilles are a great summer shoe, easy to run around in and oh-so-stylish. These canvas closed toe pair tie up the ankle.
The classic sundress. I love this one, it has a very modern feel but is vintage. The bold stripes with the graphic flowers is a wonderful combo. I love this dress!
The circle skirt. Appropriate for almost every occasion, always flattering and a conversation piece. I love this one with the bold yellow roses.
A beaded cardigan. A mid century wardrobe is just not complete unless its got a beaded cardigan. Simple or heavily beaded it is a MUST!
The separates suit. Mix and match-able pieces that look great together or on their own with your other pieces. This bubblegum knit is a perfect example!
The fitted suit. All business. Every woman needs a "power suit" and a 40s super curvy variety is my personal favorite!
The day-to-evening dress. This adorable black dress with gingham details is a perfect example of a day to night dress. The sweet lines and gingham details make it appropriate for day while the sex appeal and dark color make it oh-so approriate for night time get together too!
The killer cocktail dress. You could go with a bold print and sex appeal like above..or
something simple and classy like this little black dress with bellum.
Ok time to talk shoes, strappy sandals are a must for evening. I love these metallic t-strap babydolls!
If you didn't fall out of your chair when you saw these..then you're probably already sitting on the floor..cherry red babydolls with zig-zag stitching and little bows!!!!!! WANT! Babydoll pumps are an iconic mid century shoe and cherry red?! you can't go wrong!

A fine fur, I know some of you may be against wearing fur. But I really hate seeing a vintage fur go to waste. Plus this one is faux so its guilt free!
The show-stopper...every woman needs a drop dead gorgeous gown that you know is going to make every head turn in your direction. Red is suggested for this gown...LOL
FabGabs...psst this dress is on sale for $124!!!! SO CHEAP!!
Leopard print peep toe pumps..drool. These are a once in a lifetime find if you can get them in your size. Every kitten should have some leopard print pumps for her inner sex-kitten!

I know, I know it seems like a long list...but I didn't even get to hair accessories,hats , gloves or boots..LOL


Solanah said...

*Gasp* at everything, but especially that leopard cape! Oh my gosh!

What an eye you have, great collection, every picture made me go "Oh! I like that! Oh wait, I want that! Oh no, that!"


Miss Emmi said...

Ooooh, these kinds of posts are so bad for me, but in the best way :D I'm so tempted by everything here!

Bombshell Bettie said...

Solanah - isn't that cape to die for! Its been in my favorites since the first week I was on etsy. I LOOOVE it!

Emmi - Then I know I'm doing my job. hehehe.

Your wardrobe should be made of pieces you love, then you'll actually wear them..LOL

The Pin Up Momma said...

I love this post thanks BSB!

olygirl said...

Jinx! Buy me a coke! LOL I saw the EXACT same zig-zag shoes only in tan this morning on Etsy and wanted them so badly, but hey were already sold. Now you had to go and show me the red ones in my size!!! Accccck! The leopard ones are perfection and my size too! You are killing my budget, but I adore your taste! <3