Inspiration = Satin

I had a very exciting request from a co-worker, one I've never done before. A wedding dress, necklace and birdcage style veil. No one has ever asked me to find them a wedding dress before. I'm going to be searching for a while though (since she isn't even engaged yet) but I thought you ladies would like to see my search for the 30s style satin wedding dress....oh yes, this is going to be one gorgeous search! She said she wanted satin with NO full skirt, apparently her sisters had what I like to call the "everybody-has-this Dress". The strapless, super full skirt with little personality but still costs you $3000 for some reason. Yes, she wants something unique to her. A 30s style satin gown with an asymmetric pearl necklace and a birdcage veil with red details. She is hoping to have a winter wedding and instead of doing the traditional blue for winter, she is going with red. I think its pretty spicy of her. haha. Anyway. Lets get on with the search...shall we?Beautiful gathered waist, amazing cascade of buttons down the back.
Gorgeous embroidery on front, back and in patches on skirt. Such a beautiful dress. I would love to see it.
Vintage Society
Gorgeous embossed embroidery on cropped jacket.
Halter with defined waist, gorgeous ivory color..you know this would look amazing on!
Sweetheart bust with lovely delicate lace and scalloped waist.
Stunning beaded bust, shimmering satin. I would love to see this walk down the aisle.
Beautiful train, v waist, slightly full skirt..wow
Beauitlful handmade button up front, slightly full skirt. Beautiful details on collar.
Although this one would work better for a summer wedding...oooooorr you could wear it with an amazing blonde mink.
Alley Cats Vintage
Stunning gold chiffon and satin, amazing gathered bust with adorable princess sleeves.
Dear Golden Vintage
I am SO in love with this dress. The gathering on the skirt, the beading around the neck..
Glowing train, buttons down the back. So amazing!
Beautiful train on this one too, tall dramatic neckline, empire waist, gorgeous gathered sleeves.
This one doesn't exactly fit the super shimmer of the satin, but I like the details of this one. Puff sleeves!
Isn't this a sweet little dress, another amazing train, beaded neckline with lovely round neck.
Comes with original gauntlets too!
Stunning, pointed sleeves, gathered waist, defined waist with beautiful embossing.
I would probably remove the collar but the dress is beautiful!
Here is a lovely simple 40s dress, I think it would be lovely for a reception!

Here is an example of the style of necklace she is looking for..but something more modern. I'm still looking for these, I still have about 2000 pages to go through..haha.

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