Regrebay...or something

We all have those pieces of vintage we wish we would've never sold...I have a lot! So I thought I would re-live the joy of them by sharing my stories about the pieces I've sold...and include pictures if I have them.
We'll start with the first thing I ever sold ^ this embroidered 50s girdle. This baby was in mint condition and I dieted for 2 years to fit into it (yes, I was once that size)...but, like we often are. My hubs (then boyfriend) and I were low on cash so I sold off some of my vintage lingerie, hoping to make a pretty penny, I started the bidding super low...9.99 I think. I had 20+ watchers on it (isn't it crazy that I remember this after all the items I've sold) and It only went for $17.49...If I could find the person I sold it to I would gladly give them $100 to see this piece again. I loved it. My very first piece of vintage that was mine, just for me. I got it from a theatre over the summer in the costume loft. OMG what I wouldn't give to raid that place now! WOWIE! The 40s suits up there...drool! Well anyway. My very first item ever sold on ebay..and I never should have let it go!
This gorgeous longline bra was actually too big in the cup for me when I owned it. I sold it in a set with another lace bullet bra that I bought off of ebay for $6...such a good deal. I got this bra from the same theatre. It has pink nylon under the lace and was really really low in the back. You can see I still had blonde hair then..and man was I thin! 24 inch waist...I miss you! About a year later pin up queen Bernie Dexter sold an identical bra in the identical size in her ebay store but I got outbid and couldn't afford to go any higher...Some day I will own this bra again...maybe I can get it in a D cup..since a C wouldn't fit...and it was too big then...oh the memories. hahaha.

Around the same time I sold my very first "big ticket" item. A ruched teal 50s catalina bathing suit. I bought it for myself for $12 on ebay. But when I got it, it was too small in the leg opening so I re-sold it. I don't have any pictures of it left...which is really dumb because I did a photo shoot in it. Back when i was an amateur model (aka for funsies with my friends) It looked so cute on me but I got the veto from my mom..boo. But it ended up going for $72...and I just about fell out of my chair! That is what got me into selling vintage. I lived literally a building away from a thrift shop and started scowering..and here I am. 5 years later, loving every minute of it! I'll have lots more to show later but for now you can go HERE for an old slideshow of my fav items over the years.

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