Circle Skirts and Cinco de Mayo

I know, I totally went for the easy theme of "Mexican circle skirts" but I never get tired of seeing them. They have such beautiful colors and themes, come in so many fabrics and can be as simple as stripes to as detailed as a ballroom full of dancing cowboys..yeah I've seen it. I remember the first time I saw a hand painted circle skirt. It has flamingo print and I tried for months to get the seller to lower the price (it was a whopping $195!) and as soon as I gave up she had a huge sale and sold it before I even had a chance...I was heartbroken..which often happens with me and vintage...(I have another story at the bottom of the post) So I gave up on finding one...until one day I wandered into a local thrift store and hanging on the vintage rack was this..Mayan calendar hand painted and sequin velveteen circle skirt for just $10. Then my obsession started all over again. I started looking up more and more skirts seeing if there was any closer to my size. This one was a few inches too small for me so I sold it just before New Years in '09. I'm still on the search for one in my size..they are usually a 24 or 26 waist. Boo.
I don't know if I'm alone on this one but I remember at my grade school on Cinco de Mayo we would have a bunch of dancers in traditional garb dance around the gym. This skirt reminds me a lot of their costumes but not as...well costumy I guess. I love the soft teal and the ruffled ric-rac details.
Ok I'm totally in love with this one! The girls have circle skirts of their own...OMG too cute! What a find!
For Keeps Vintage Clothing
Torro and Matador print and although I think bull fighting is such a terrible sport I know that no bulls were harmed in the making of this skirt.
Here is the closest to my size I've found so far...just 2 inches off..and I could lose that in water weight. I even love the Mayan Warrior and Gryphon-like bird and snake.Really lovely. I love this color of green.
Mexican cowboy print! So cute, velveteen waist with bows. Cowboys riding horses in sombreros..love!
Party time! Beautiful teal and black blingin' circle skirt. Speckled gold and gold sequins all over this gorgeous skirt. Traditional wrap and tie waist style. Really stunning!

Another fancy-shancy circle skirt with gold painted flowers on a lavender and mocha base with loads of sequined goodness! I've never seen this color combo before. Its quite beautiful.
Tourist "mexico" hand painted circle skirt with beautiful architecture and foliage.
Mayan theme again, epic battle of bird and snake. I'm not sure what the cultural significance of this is..but now you have something to wiki.
Looming ladies! Wrap style hand painted novelty print with ladies looming and doggies.
Coquette Vintage
Men and Burrows. Another bold novelty print, this time with men and their mules...I'm thinking that guy in the bushes had too much tequila last night.
Luxette's Closet
Ok, how adorable is this?! I almost didn't see them at first but this has little sombreros all over it. TOO CUTE! The color is stunning. It has a very unique top, I've never seen another like it. And seriously, those hats couldn't get any cuter...well maybe if kittens were wearing them.
Fruit is always a win with me. I love this cherry red skirt with fruit motif. Watermelon, a spotted blue apple...ok I'm not sure what that is..but it sure is cute.
The most kitschy of them all, the tourist "postcard" print skirt. I LOVE this skirt. Trimmed in sequins, this is so "me" I would wear it with blue tank and a green cardi. Its so bleeping cute I can hardly stand it...but of course its a 24 inch waist. :'( there go my dreams again...LOL

Ok my newest story of longing for vintage..this one MAY have a happy ending! I found this amazing dress on ebay from one of my favorite sellers Jumbleaya.
So I checked out her etsy store and Its there too! YAY (I much prefer buying from etsy) And I read and saw that it would actually fit me YES! It has this wonderful sort of "nautical flag" motif which I love. A nice full circle skirt and its sleeveless but not a spaghetti strap so I can wear a nice supportive bra, very important! So I started saving my money..save, save, save, reserved...RESERVED? :( Sad times again! But I couldn't find the will to delete it from my favorites list and it sat on reserved for days and days..then weeks and weeks...So finally I just got up the courage and asked her if the dress was still for sale of if the other person was making payments or something...well she messeged me back today saying the dress is indeed for sale...now I just need to save save save before someone else buys it...I'm really hoping one of my big items sells soon. C'mon people! Help me buy this dress!


Shrinky Inky said...

i love mexican circle skirts and hope some day i find one in my size too!

check with the seller of that lovely nautical dress to see if they'll take payments. I did that recently with a handbag i wanted and even though the seller didn't specify they took payments, we were able to work something up and soon the handbag will be home with me. no harm in asking :)

art*deco*dame said...

ahhhh so much cuteness!

Atomic Mama said...

those skirts are great! btw i left you an award on my blog.

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