Can't Get Enough of the "Lucky Charms"

I love multi colored items. I have a favorite color...but I really love all of them..even the not-so loveable ones. You know which ones I'm talking about. But I thought I would show a little love for those multi colored beauties out there and put together a collection of pretty pieces and It all started with this adorable "lucky charms" bracelet...too cute!
Isn't this adorable?! Handmade and they have lots of super cute clay pieces!
Pumpkin Pye
Pretty bold plaid in this flowing skirt shirtwaist dress. I would love this dress for summer.
Love this pretty plaid sun dress that buttons up the front!
Love this halter sundress with this big bow and full skirt.
LOVE LOVE LOVE this striped pastel dress Cutest little detail at the neck!
This 50s sun dress is stunning, pretty blue base with multi colored flowers, super full tea length skirt. WOW!
Totally adorable, totally 80s bubble dress with oversized bow! How fun is this dress?! Mustard tights and ankle boots? I think so!
Super rare strapless circle skirt sundress..LOVE! I want one of these soooooo bad...but have not yet found one in my size.
70s ascot blouse with rainbow stripes. This is the perfect layering top!
Pastel party dress! Super cute caplet top.
Handkerchief rainbow stripe dress. I totally had a dress like this for my barbies!
Classic 80s sundress with bib style bust. I loooove a sundress from the 80s, they had a great mix of unexpected colors.
Love this multi colored rhinestone bracelet.
Tiered ruffle dress in stunning blue and pink with green leaves. This dress is so lovely.
Gorgeous watercolor easter dress with blue piping.
Super rare ruffles upon ruffles upon ruffles crinnie. I want this sooooo bad.
Purple base with blue tulle and ivory embroidered flowers...you can even have your bold color combos at night.
And concluding a gorgeous wiggle sun dress with mini pattern and stripes. Just begging for a flower in the hair and neon pink pumps!

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Betty2Tone said...

All those pastels are putting me back in the mood for Easter! I Might have to do some summer egg dying or something just for the heck of it :)