Mothers Day, Day Dresses and 150th Post

Happy Mothers Day to all you retro mamas out there! Today I thought I would feature the iconic 50s "mom" dress, the shirtwaist. I'll also be putting some cute 50s ads between the posts just for funsies. My mom took off for Vegas this morning (she really knows how to spend her mothers' day ;) so we are going to my husband's mom's house today for a bbq and celebration. Here is hoping you ladies have a good mothers day! I hope you get spoiled and don't do anything productive!
Simple, purple, buttons all the way down. Lovely color for every skin tone!
Little rosesbuds. Dress it up or wear it casual! Classic 3 button waist with v neck (my fav)
Pencil style shirtwaist in classic plaid. Can't you just see this dress with a little yellow apron pulling a pie out of the oven!
Beautiful green and red print shirtwaist with full skirt, matching belt, half sleeves. The iconic example!
A slightly more dressy shirtwaist, pencil style. Great for taking the kids out to dinner and taking the night off!
Crisp Plaid, this is the dress you change into right before your husband gets home..since at lunch your first dress got peas shot at it. You're making motherhood look effortless ;)

Classic yellow shirtwaist. Pair with sweater and heels, tennies and a colorful belt or wear it old school!
Classic stripes with high neck. Beautiful color combo for spring!
Another high neck example, these are great for wearing with pearls!
Dreamy yellow cotton dress with lovely details at the bust. Showing-the-other-moms-up-at-the-grocery-store dress.
Beautiful example just under 1/2 sleeves, full skirt, beautiful colors!
Hiding from the kids? Camouflage yourself in the garden with this tri-tone green dress.
Pleated skirt large enough for the toddler to hid under.
Abstract prints entertain the kids for minutes while you get some blogging done..no wonder you can type 300 words per minute...
Ta-ta mommies! Have a wonderful day that's just for you!

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Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

Fantastic shirtwaist eye candy here! And I'm loving the illustrated ads. Thanks for including my dress.