Thanks to our 5 new followers, and my faithful 75! Without you I wouldn't be inspired to spend hours looking for pretty things ;) Its been a fun weekend, a little rainy but fun. I found lots of new things for my shop (I listed 10 new things this weekend) and I've got some beauties ready to go! I can't wait to get back to finding pretty little things for you. I had a suggestion for some plus size so I'll start there.

But I'm sure you're really only interested in who won....well here you go.

25 entries, 1/3rd of the 75 who follow..a lot of you missed out let me tell ya...but the lucky lady is


Email me from my profile hun or contact me on facebook

looks like you'll get to use that vintage chain after all! ;)


Jenny S said...

Yeah! I love that you will be looking for plus size! Waahoo!

Tart Deco said...

YEAH! I will email right now!