Top 5 Sales of 2011

Over the year I sell hundreds of different pieces of vintage clothing, shoes, jewelry, handbags and baby clothes of course..well I'm going to provide my top 5 favorite items that have sold this year in each category. Starting with Clothing..

 1. I've always loved the dramatic drape of this dress, soft rose champagne color. I wish I could find one in my size.
 2. This Jonathan Logan dress took in my opinion way too long to sell, its got that gorgeous belted cummerbund, v neck and back and a nice full skirt..it did eventually find a loving home though.
 3. The Judy Garland Frock. My first and probably only "collector" piece in the shop..it went to a private collector who has it on display and loves it :)
4. The saffron color of this dress is a killer, It didn't even last a day in the shop. So beautiful!
5. I love this little cupcake dress, pale green chiffon, lace bodice and bolero. So sweet and the woman who received it just loves it and that is really whats my favorite thing about selling vintage.

SEPARATES (skirts/sweaters/tops)
 1. Deep mustard hand knit fisherman's sweater..I'm pretty jealous of whoever purchased this.
2. I know this is a set...but I just fell in love with it. Made by Jantzen its got a full skirt and fitted vest. I can just picture someone wearing this for christmas
 3. The "Fish Scale" skirt..the volume on this skirt was crazy!
 4. Embroidered cashmere cardigan with beautiful red flowers..saved this one for a long time..sold within a day.
5. The "cowboys and indians" skirt with teepee and fort print. One amazing novelty print!!

 1. Bright magenta wool jacket with beaver collar. You can't beat the color of this jacket.
2. Fox collar plaid jacket, I wasn't the only one who loved this coat...it sold really fast.
3. This truly stunning coat was only in the shop for about a day, white mink collar and all over acrylic fuzzy fur...I haven't seen one like it..so beautiful!
4. This white 60s "bond girl" bikini took forever to sell...I was in love with in from the moment I saw it. great full coverage bottoms and halter top..so so so sexy!
5. Leopard print bikini by jantzen. 50s style bombshell..this is actually the second one of these I found...sometimes I'm so lucky!

 1. 60s leather mary janes with wood heel. I love these. Went to a woman for her wedding!
 2. White leather ankle boots with a nice low heel. They go with everything and went fast.
 3. OTK white leather boots with lace up backs. It seems I have something for white shoes.
 4. 40s french neon canvas platforms. Perfect for the beach, never been worn.
5. Just sold yesterday 5in pumps with arch pattern that reminds me of a giraffe. 

 1. Sparkling tear drop earrings, I really hope these made it to a wedding.
 2. 40s black corde half moon bag with twisted lucite handle
 3. 80s chandelier earrings in vines with peachy crystals. They're so pretty.
 4. Over the top, maybe...but I love the large scale of these :D!!!!
5. Lovely scalloped edge fabric clutch with eyelet pattern and wood handle. Featured in many treasuries, I can see why.

1. Infant dress & diaper cover, never worn. So darn sweet!
 2. Whoa...Don't you wish this was an adult size? Child's MOD dress made in finland. Stunning!
 3. The little mermaid sweatshirt, original 80s release. I could swear I had one of these too!
 4. Sold the week before I found out I was having a boy darnit! Such a cute sailor suit. Au Revoir. I'm sure there is an adorable toddler wearing you right now.
5. Floral bubble pants with suspenders...these went to a friend and her daughter looks SO cute in them :)

Now for those "I wish I hadn't sold that" as a vintage seller, we've all got those pieces we regret selling...well here are my 5..
 1. Leslie fay watercolor dress with original ribbon belt...seriously, why did I list this?
 2. I debated listing this. The perfect cocktail dress with mermaid hem and built in crinnie. It was a little big..but it would've been worth it to have it taken in. Oh well..
 3. Its very hard to find a princess trench in my size. I loved the details of this one..dont know why I thought it was a good idea to list it.
 4. I know what you're thinking...a MOD dress? really? yeah. I've always loved the style but they're usually too tight in the hips..this one was just right.
5. I should've pulled these from the shop, adorable overalls for baby. He would've looked so cute in these.

What are your favorites? Did you buy one of my favorites? Do you have a favorite in my shop right now?


http://www.discounts.ca/deals said...

I love this blog post. In this blog post you have defined fashion statement for plus size women also.

Twila Jean said...

you found ANOTHER leopard bikini??!!

I love mine!!! I am still so happy I was able to buy that off of you!

Bombshell Bettie said...

I know right?! I saw it on the rack and it was totally one of those "NO....YESSSSSSSSSSS" moments same size too. I'm certainly glad you snagged the first one. Such a fantastic suit..maybe i'll be able to find one in my size.

lil cowboys momma said...

I love the cowboy skirt. great find, If its listed Ill be looking for it :)

lil cowboys momma said...

Sorry had a blonde moment and miss read the top paragraph