Christmas Day

We had a pretty mellow christmas day at our house. My hubs' family came over for dinner and pressies. My MIL made some yummy pies and we ate waaaaaay too many cookies. We made a double batch of chocolate chip & chocolate chip walnut, 1 of butterscotch almond, 1 peanut  blossom, 1 chocolate peppermint. They all turned out pretty good. I dont know if I'll make the chocolate ones again. I'm not a big fan of chocolate cookies. I did get a set of "A Christmas Story" themed cookie cutters for Christmas so I will have to make another batch of sugar cookies to test those out. The original outfit I was going to wear...didn't fit. Actually I'm concerned it won't ever fit, I bought it for post baby but its now too small in the bust...and I'm just going to get bigger from here. Hmmm...I guess we'll see. So I ended up wearing a dress/tunic I got last christmas that I dont usually wear but its nice and  comfortable for being prego in.

Sweater:vintage, thrifted
Dress:Macy's (christmas pressie last year)
Tights:Hue (Macy's)
The tights honestly, didn't last long. They're not maternity tights and although they fit ok...I can't spend all day in them so I switched to a pair of maternity jeans.
I'm official in my 3rd trimester now 28 weeks..although it looks more like I should be in my 9th month. Its getting hard to find things that fit around my belly for more than a few weeks. I've been very fortunate to have an easy pregnancy, I'm proud to have a big healthy baby an if that means people are going to tell me how big I am all the time, well I'm sure it'll be worth it.


Alli said...

I think you look beautiful.....yay the baby belly! Don't listen to other people telling you your tum is big.....I had that happen to me with both my pregnancies ( both boys, both nearly 10 pound when they were born,happy and healthy). :)

art deco dame said...

People say stupid things to pregnant women unfortunately.I already told you but when I was pregnant with my second I heard it all the darn time."Oh you must be ready to pop any second!" um no I still have 2 months thanks.You look great!