Baby Room Progress

Well actually more like lack of progress. We did get it (mostly) cleared out and since it was home to my etsy inventory I'd say that's quite an accomplishment. Its slowly getting filled with baby essentials thanks to my mom and her super generous friends. We've now got not 1 but 3 swings, a stroller/car seat combo and more footed and sack sleepers than I can shake a stick at. 
We also finished the dresser! We finally picked out and put the knobs on last night and then I promptly filled it with baby clothes.
 Here is what it looked like before..
 the original hardware
 and here is the after. I think it looks much cuter now, perfect for a nursery!
 The tiny drawers up top are filled with socks and booties and the other is filled with hats
 Here are some of the onesies and sleepers, more sack sleepers down below, then jeans, then well..I'm not sure yet.
 Here is his closet, as you can see its full of sweaters and corduroy jumpers
 amongst all the new baby clothes I received from my mom's friend There was also this sweet little penguin top and shorts set.
 As you can see i'm putting my closet dividers to good use. I really don't know what I would do without them. Seriously, best $10 I ever spent.
Here is the infant swing we got from my mom. It is just about the sweetest thing I've ever seen. Sometimes i just go into his room and push the swing so I can see it rock. Soon there will be a little baby in that swing...eek. Just 13 weeks till my due date...its creeping ever closer. 

I also want to remind any last minute shoppers that your purchases must be made by Tuesday 12-20 to get them shipped in time for Christmas...I would suggest ordering anything asap! Its never bad to get it early. 
I added more listings to the shop today too and more are coming.

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