I'm bout to get all nerdy...

My husband makes amazing and oh so nerdy creations from star wars ships and old nintendo consoles. He currently has a small shop on etsy with a few of his items. 
 Darth Vader Tie Fighter with N64 console inside .....and really really awesome!
This one is a Snow Speeder that has a SNES inside, very cool the controllers plug in on the sides.

Both have been made with great care and would make the coolest gift for your significant other or maybe your bff. 
My hubs has made 2 of the N64's now and the first girl who bought one, got it for her friend for her birthday...she LOVED it. It would be a really thoughtful holiday gift, don't you think? Anyway, I just thought I'd share them with you because I know he worked really hard on them and I think they're so so cool and I would love to see them in a loving home for the holidays.

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Stephanie Lynn said...

How cute! Perfect gift for the nerd in your life. :)