Watch for Falling Rocks...er Vintage

Oh my goodness...I can't beleve we're into December already, where exactly did time go? I've been waiting and waiting to bring out my holiday items..and now it seems like I should've started 3 weeks ago! I've got over 50 items to release into the shop for the holidays...so expect a huge influx of vintage falling into the shop next week, probably 8-10 listings per day..or I may do 3 large updates, monday, wednesday, friday. Either way you're going to be seeing a lot of holiday dresses, jewelry, jackets and sweaters making their way into the shop. And of course there will be holiday items for the kiddlets too including holiday dresses, jackets and more. Also after the holidays I'll be starting on some "spring" items...I know..thinking spring already! But lets stay focused on the holidays at hand, shall well. I'll have a few designer pieces rolling in, including a Suzy Perette. You'll be seeing plenty of sequins, beads, velvet and of course red and green! 
Here is a blog exclusive, peek at the holiday items coming tomorrow!

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