My Xmas Wish List

Here is my overly expensive christmas wishlist. Full of the prettiest things in my favorites and all way more than I can afford (especially with a baby on the way) but hey, that's what wish lists are for, right?
 beautiful patchwork skirt/top set from 13 Bees
 Strawberry and leaves bakelite necklace ChezVous
 Absolutely killer knit cat suit from Fab Gabs..
 Lovely carved wood acorn and leaf necklace from Pinguim
 Unpainted chalkware busts from LeFemmeModerne
 Big bow scarf from SusannahBean Handmade
 Cherry bakelite necklace from PrimativePincushin
 Cherry embroidered cardigan from TwinHeartsVintage
 Lovely pink maternity jacket (this would be so nice right now) MyFavoriteVintage
 The perfect skirted swimsuit from TwilaJeanVintage...I am going to cry so hard when this sells. I've always wanted a skirted swimsuit in my size.

 The grand total for my wish list is $1956.99...nearly $2000 of vintage (and handmade) beauties! If I had the money I would buy them all right now...but we've got a baby to prep for so these purchases are a long way away.

Enjoy the weekend, there is a Holiday Sale happening in my shop this week. 20% off.

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MistressCatgirl said...

Everything on your list is lovely! And congrats on the baby!