Thursday Thrift

This week has been a fun one. I went thrifting on Sunday and then again today, thursday and found some really great items. 2 of which already sold in the "Last Minute" sale earlier this week.
 This gorgeous furry swing coat already found a new home but it was too pretty not to share.
 Lightest blonde mink collar too
 Steel-blue men's faux cardigan with corde trim also already sold. I'll try to keep my eye out for more men's items. It seems like they're pretty popular.
 This crushed velvet dress is still for sale and you can find it in my shop already.
 This 30s? 40s? (still need to do some research) knit dress has some cleaning and repairs that need to be done but WOW
 rosette at the bust and its covered in prong-set rhinestones
 all riveted to the dress so there is no worry that the housing will come out.
 Light pink cocktail dress with metallic details, part of the spring items that are coming in the new year.

I fell in love with this poppy print bag. Its a great size and in great condition. It will probably also be listed after the new year.
Also found this cropped south-west jacket in desert sunset colors a good size, nice thick material. Also to be listed in spring.

Well it doesn't seem like much but there are some great pieces coming but there probably wont be any "new" listings until 2012 I'm going to be very busy with the holiday weekend and then I'm taking a week off to relax a bit. I'll still be around don't worry...I'll just be getting things together for the new year.

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