Thursday Thrift

Its thrusday, time to share my finds for this week lots of earrings and baby goodies...awwww
amazing wool 40s jacket

with the sweetest embroidery on the inside pocket
beautiful all lace draped dress in sage

leather puff sleeve blazer
ruched to the max 80s sparkle cocktail dress
cutout neckline and low back
plaid silk button side skirt
love these colors!
little girl's sailor collar lace dress
chiffon trim
kelly green gingham sun dress
with embroidered strawberries
CUTEST easter dress with embroidered bunnies
on collar and trim
with matching bloomers
acrylic red white and blue hooded baby jacket
SO CUTE! embroidered dog blouse
so springy!
yellow jumper with smocked bodice
and scalloped trim
sweetest yellow baby dress with lace trim

gorgeous knit sweater...babies are so lucky!
EEEEEP suspender jumper with matching sweater and embroidered dogs (here)
petty kitty knit dress (here)
LOVE this Miss MOD girl's size 12/14 vintage dress made from fabric from 1960 (here)
blue cluster earrings
ivory cluster earrings
white cluster earrings
as-is (great for upcycling) 50 faux pearl & rhinestone earrings
80s enamel flower earrings
50s dangle pearl earrings
80s faux pearl earrings
wedding rose earrings
80s rhinestone earrings

So many gorgeous and adorable things coming to the shop thanks for stopping by....oh just one more thing. I'm having a coupon code sale in my shop until I reach 500 sales and I'm just 5 sales away so check it out, sale number 500 gets a special something extra in their order!


Miss Emmi said...

You have such cute baby stuff! Wish I had a little cousin to give something to! I can see why you were named one of the best shops for babywear :)

The Thriftaholic (Leilani) said...

Vintage baby clothing is always so adorable. I don't have a little one but am tempted to collect a few dresses just to hang on the wall.