Thursday Thrift & Last Day for the Sale!

I was getting worried this week, I didn't find anything this weekend worth buying and i only found 2 things at my favorite place so I made the hubs stop by at a new "antique mall" of sorts. Very cute, lots of mid-century furniture I wanted hard and some very cool lighting. I did manage to find a couple of pieces there and there was another record/clothes/dirty hippie store next door where I found a surprising amount of sweaters and 50s dresses...and LOTS of nos vinyl purses in rainbow colors but they were WAY too spendy for me to grab...which is a shame because if they were a decent price I would've bought them all! Some even had their matching wallets! Ugh can you tell I have not-buyers remorse over those.
Oh well. So here is what I DID buy....
clear polka dot rain coat
knit beaded sheath blouse with beading and sequins (large size)
gorgeous cobalt taffeta party dress with little bows (larger size)
perfect summer cotton skirt (24 in waist)
in fish scale print!
Leslie Fay sheer day dress with the cutest ribbon belt (large size)
egyptian staff cardigan (TAKEN)
purdy velvet ribbon and embroidered flower cardigan
sweetest floral cardigan
crescent bracelet in tritone pink
handmade 40's style cotton dress

solid brass ladies belt buckle with a horsey :D

and I FINALLY got around to photographing the hats

like the lace dress? find it (here)
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And please enter the Giveaway if you haven't yet...it closes on Saturday!

and one more thing, still looking for photo submissions for the "Get the Look" posts I'll be doing weekly.
Here is last week's. Submit them to the email in my profile. I'd love to see what you come up with.


The Thriftaholic (Leilani) said...

You find the best things! The dirty hippie store sounds like a gold mine, I've been wanting a clear purse for AGES but they are always in poor condition when I find them. :(

I like the fish scale pattern on that skirt (wish it was my size) and the clear rain coat!!

iron orchid vintage said...

OMG!!! I have to have the green hat!!!

AshleighG said...

gorgeous cobalt taffeta party dress with little bows (larger size)
Leslie Fay sheer day dress with the cutest ribbon belt (large size)
as soon as they are in the shop you'll know who they've gone to.