Thursday Thrift

This week I've picked up lots of stuff for the shop...decor, skirts, bags & summer items for the shop. Some already up and ready to go, and some have already sold. Summer items are in high demand right now.
70s wall butterflies
cotton peignoir set (here)
beautiful aqua flocked scarf
polka dot scarf
straw clutch (here)
blue birds with basket (great wedding gift!)
VERY cool table top air dryer by sunbeam, works great and very "futuristic" with chrome trim and see through top
woven clutch/wallet
primitive cross stitch hand bag
beautiful "medallion" caftan with tags
80s velvet cocktail dress
with V back
and rhinestone details
metal wall butterflies
hand done embroidered wall art in handmade shadow box...WOW, look at the detail!
80s summer set with bolero, belt..
and sweetheart bust sun dress
adorable 60s beaded clutch with star bursts
70s/80s lace neck blouse
the perfect spring trench
with tags, unworn
sweet paisley and floral skirt with V waist, with tags
avant garde louse with drop waist
matching pencil skirt sold separately
hand painted poppies
pleated knit skirt
beautiful lace jacket
HUGE brass candle sticks!
sailor dress (here)
striped halter sun dress (SOLD)
tiered lace cocktail dress (here)
low back 60s cocktail dress (here)
anchor romper (here)
fishy belt with very cool braided details
and something for me...i got the small set of peacocks from my mother in law a few weeks ago and found this HUGE set today. I want to put both sets up...i just need to find the wall space.


P U R P L E - D E E R said...

Oh my gosh...those straw clutches are sooo cute!! And that sweet little nighty I want too.

olygirl said...

Wow looks like you had a good shopping week! Yay! Lots of gorgeous things.

art deco dame said...

oh man that striped dress is amazing!!The dryer is awesome!I use to have those peacocks.

ShelleyW said...

I'm loving that trench.....will it be in your shop?