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This picture floating around on tumblr is perfection.
I commented "why don't we dress like this anymore" then I thought...wait, I can..and you can too. Its a simple, elegant look that anyone can get, you just have to know what to look for.
The key elements that make is outfit work are: the dramatic sweep of the skit with the classic "shirtwaist" style. High quality, matching but not matched accessories (shoes, gloves and a beautiful hat).
Although I believe what the woman is wearing in the photo is a dress, I've found these jackets that will work just as well and be more versatile for your wardrobe.

These are my top 3:
Gorgeous floral silk jacket from Greatest Friend Vintage
This jaw-dropping camel coat from Simplicity is Bliss Vintage
and this gorgeous Lilli Ann (of course) Stitched wool jacket from Fashion House Vintage

You can also try this coat, this coat, this coat or this coat pattern, to make your own.

Now lets focus on the second element of this look, the accessories.

Tailored Shoes:
Key elements to look for: pointed toe (elongates the leg), high quality, simple design..color can be neutral or bold!

My Top 3:
Bold reptile pumps from Prance & Swagger
High quality black pumps from Old Baltimore Vintage
Gorgeous chain detail pumps from sponsor Raleigh Vintage

Also try: these pumps, these pumps, these pumps or these pumps.

Leather Gloves:
Key Elements to watch for: Longer, Leather, Avoid evening gloves (nylon, beaded, opera length) color can be neutral or bold (if you go neutral with the shoe you can go bold with the gloves and vice-versa)
My Top 3:
lovely putty colored gloves from Coral Root
Bone colored gloves from sianuska vintage
Embroidered gloves from corrnucopia
Also Try: These Gloves, These Gloves or These Gloves

The Hat
Its so important to the outfit that this hat be bold and still beautiful. There are so many gorgeous hats out there it may be overwhelming trying to look though them all so look for these key elements: Floral Detail, Full Head Hats (not fasteners or cocktail hats), a brim
remember: It does not have to match your coat.

My Top 3:
Oh, whats this...oh its a gorgeous woven straw hat with wavy brim from my shop
Lovely, simple wool hat with the perfect brim from Poppy Cock Hats
Beautiful navy hat with daisy details from OhTwoVintage
Lots of options here,
Try: This hat, this hat, this hat, this hat or this hat.

And there you have it, you can have that amazing look, any day of the week. If you'd like me to re-create a look for you just send me an email via my profile and I'll see what I can do ;)


House of Dots said...

Thank you, Bettie!

We love this style, it matches ours!

Great ideas!

Have e good sunday,

Hester & Mariƫlle

Sara said...

Wow wow wow!! love the second coat! :) All so awesome!

autumn, coffee and inspiration

Ilena said...

I'm honored you've picked my gloves to fit in with that amazing very fine fashion photo!

I adore the hats you've selected as well :)

Isaac & Andi said...

Great look; thanks for breaking it down to the essential elements! I think it is a style that will never be out of style! That really is an amazing hat from your shop!!

Raleigh Vintage

Alicia said...

What a fantastic idea for a post. I'd love to see this turned into a little series, or even a weekly regular feature!

Zohar said...

This is a great idea! I especially fell inlove with the coats you found :)

LittleRachael said...

I love that first coat and second hat :-) Very cute!

My latest blog post features some really cute vintage style jewellery I've made - Check it out :-)

Little Rachael Style
Little Rachael Style
Little Rachael Style

The Thriftaholic (Leilani) said...

What a fun & useful post. I have all the vintage elements of this outfit but need to find longer leather gloves. Actually I do have a long pair of YELLOW leather gloves, might be a bit bright though.

Love the hat featured from your shop, is a perfect piece for spring.

patternrecognition said...

This is great - thank you for featuring me!