Respect the vintage...or make more money..

I wondered for a long time where other sellers were finding all these mini dresses..I could hardly ever find any. Most of them were knee length (which is flattering on everyone) so I was so annoyed that there werent more mini dresses around here....then it dawned on me..why is EVERYTHING that seller is selling a mini? OMG they're doing it themselves...I'm a firm believer of "respect(ing) the vintage" I'm going to sell it as-is to you and if you want to make it into a mini...go ahead, its your dress you're the one who will be wearing it. But I also noticed that mini sell for a lot more money! So do I go by my budget or do I go by how I feel...I mean...she doesn't think that we'll believe she FOUND this drop waist pleated skirt like this...does she?

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