The end of a wonderful weekend..

Well I had a great long-weekend. My husband was off all weekend (YAY) and He went with me everywhere I wanted to go. As you know I went Treasure Hunting early this week (Thursday) so that freed up my weekend a bit. On Saturday after my photo shoot my hubs and I went out with some of his friends to dinner and stayed about an hour past the restaurant closed..they had to kick us out. But I think it was the first time any of us had been out in a while. We're all growing up, getting new jobs and houses and planning families..its an interesting transition. I spent most of the day sunday doing listings, updating the facebook page and I spent a great deal of time at my mom's house messing with her computer. This is however the second week my new model didn't show for pics so I may have to find someone else. If you know of anyone who is an XS or a S let me know will ya ;) Monday was crazy day, lots of walking! Got up extra early to go the that FAB labor day sale this morning. I only take public transportation..which was on holiday schedule today so my hubs and I had to walk to the sale which is about an hour walk. Got there a few minutes after they opened and a red-headed girl was in the section I like to look for clothes in..I saw her grabbing a bunch of vintage clothes and I wasn't too pleased when she pretended like she didn't know what I was there for (cuz we were there for the same reason, inventory) but I did get a bit of satisfaction finding the amazing blue dress in the previous post hidden amongst the jackets. SCORE! She saw it in my cart too and she gave me a nasty look :P on her! She took all the other pieces. I was lucky to find what I did. Like Margaret advised me, those sales are NUTZ. Within about 10 minutes of my being there all the carts were gone. Luckily I grabbed one when I did, and when I left I made sure to give it to someone instead of just leaving it in an isle somewhere. Lets see, then after that my hubs and I walked about 6 blocks up to a restaurant and had some breakfast and waited for the first bus to take us back home. Since I got home I've been doing lots more listings, pictures and blog posts for you. 3x's the normal amount of listings this week! HERE they are for you. Hope you enjoyed your weekend too!

XXOO Bettie

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