New Inventory Preview!

Found a great Labor Day sale today and I just couldn't help myself. I picked up a bunch of gorgeous new pieces. 3 Dresses, 2 Tops, 1 skirt and a Belt. The first dress is a Yellow mini lace shift.

Next is a gorgeous 50's sundress with original belt.
The final dress is a cross-stitched fiesta style.
On to the tops now, I have a sparkly blue sweater with black bows all over and a gauzy embroidered top.
I also have an amazing belt, Feather beading, sequins all around, totally fab!
OH! and I almost forgot I also bought a patchwork skirt. Reversible too!>

Don't you just love a good sale ;)

Don't forget about our SALE listings (up now) and new fall inventory listed tuesday!

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