More Changes

Listings are FINALLY going up form my trip. Last week I added a bunch of cute summery hawaiian dresses and a few matchy summer pieces including this gorgeous Lilli Ann suit..and all the while my hubs has been working hard converting the basement into a shmancy new photo space for me. That guy has been working non stop pretty much since we got back from our vaca. Building a new fence, tearing out the old paneling and putting up new drywall and today he is prepping it to be painted...which he wants to do today! So I thought I would share more pictures of whats going on..and a few of the new photo space. My hubs hung up the background so I could see it.
Ok this is a before shot my hubs took..if you'll remember from my last post, this is where all my clothes and housewares were.
This is it all cleared out
And this is the space now..
That gray is the new color for the shop, I let my hubs pick it because all those color choices are way too overwhelming! There are at least 50 shades of gray (buh dum ching) so he picked out this one, he calls it "grade school paper gray" and it really does look like that non-white paper you get in grade school with the huge lines for when you first learn how to write cursive.

I could'nt resist taking some test shots with the little man, I still haven't put the lights up so this is just with the "daylight" bulbs overhead.

more pics can be found on my facebook page.

Oh and I got some pics of my organized inventory area too.
 I still have some organizing to do..but at least the big rack is done. Next is accessories.

haha, you can really see the daylight bulbs in action with this shot..and also how unfinished the rest of the basement is..LOL
Next on the list is carpet removal...well actually the carpet in that section is already up and cleaned up..hubs did that yesterday. Anyone who has that photo paper knows that carpet and trying to walk on it..don't mix..so we're looking for some cheap linoleum..maybe at a discount contracting place or something like that..or we'll just paint the floor..either way it'll be photo-ready by the end of the weekend and I'll have to start re shooting the shop..ugh. I need a week off of my other job to work on this job, i swear..but no rest for the wicked so I have to keep going until I can't go no more. haha.

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Janine Rudkins said...

I am ridiculously jealous of your inventory storage set up... our study is crammed full and I ahe to lug the mannequin upstairs to my son's bedroom every photoshoot... I think I'm going to take a leaf out of your book and sort it out!! Well done!