Shop Update: Dreamy Pinks

Another dreamy shop update, first one with the new look from my studio. I dont love it, i still have some adjusting to do. Some of the pieces just look washed out. I'm thinking I need to do white and gray, especially for gray pieces. I dunno, we'll figure it out. In the meanwhile have a look at those gorgeous goodies...all available in the shop right now!

Skirt SOLD

I'm also going to be adding a few more listings throughout the week (well, if I get the chance) some 70s maxi's and more accessories :)


Janine Rudkins said...

I can't believe I missed that skirt! I would have totally bought that!

Teresa said...

Love the cute little pink cardigan!

Anna said...

Love this upcoming shop update! The new look is definitely coming along and I'm excited to see more!