He's 1!?!

Well, now hes almost 13 months because i'm a blog slacker and i've been debating whether or not to do a post about his birthday..i figure its probably not why you follow this blog, you're here for the vintage. But i cant do all vintage all the time you know ;)

Here are some of the highlights from my son's 1st birthday party..i seriously cannot believe its been a year already.

 this kiddo crawls at the speed of light!
this happy birthday shirt from PartyWithMe

 i made this birthday banner
 here are his "dino" themed snacks for herbivores and carnivores...and some dino toe nails
 I also made a cake (with direction from my friend) it is easier to make these fancy shmancy cakes than i expected.
 Yes, i know there is a helium shortage...but how could i not get him balloons for his first birthday? he absolutely loved them!! We still have a couple hanging out around the house.
 He passed out about 2 hours before his party..perfect timing!
 more balloons!
 Corbin strong arm-ing a present
 nice, clean, baby.
 oh look a cake..we didn't even light the candle..he immediately grabbed the candle and then stuck his hand in the cake..
 i think this is my favorite picture..that kiddo!
 after his bath he wore his dino tail and did a little dance to his new ball bouncer's music

giving kisses to his stuffed dino..aka chewing his face.

I have never planned a party, def not a kid's party before. Thank goodness for pinterest!!!  Despite all the cake, he actually slept really good that night..in fact we all took a 3 hour nap after everyone left.  Parties are exhausting!

 It is crazy how things can change in just a year...Happy (late) Birthday my sweet baby boy
in just a few months you'll have a little sister to play with..what was i thinking....


Q's Daydream said...

Cute ;)

art deco dame said...

He is so cute!That tail is ridiculously adorable!